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Free Books – 11/19/2021

Well, we’re coming up on Thanksgiving here in the US next week. We’re not planning anything big as far as I know. Normally we’d go to my sister’s for dinner, but my BIL has been so weird even still about having too many people over and my mom and I don’t feel like dealing with it this year. So as of now it’s looking like it’s going to be just the three of us and I’ll run out and pick us up some dinner. Which I’m honestly ok with. I know we’ll talk to my sister and a handful of other friends and family, but I’ve been so blah lately that I don’t really want to be around too many people anyway. Oh, and this morning I had the pleasure of dropping an almost full bottle of Tamari sauce on my right big toe. YAY! It’s bruised and pretty sore, but I can move it and walk on it, so I’ve been icing it and staying off of it, etc as much as I can. Mister was so upset this morning when it first happened because I was sitting in the kitchen in so much pain that I almost started hyperventilating and it scared him. Thankfully I was wearing my slippers when it happened or it would have been SO much worse! This past week has been pretty good otherwise. The weather’s cooling off more and I pulled out my long sleeve tops and all my other winter clothes the other day. So many people ask if you like warm weather or cold weather. And honestly, I’m torn. On the one hand, I can’t stand being hot, especially when I’m trying to sleep. But, on the other hand, I don’t like it when it’s so cold that it seems like you’ll never get warm, or you have to have the heat blasting as high as it’ll go in the car and that dryness is awful. We’re breaking out the humidifiers, that’s for sure! But yeah, I’m not a huge fan of either one, but I think I’d take a cold day over a hot day because I really don’t like to sweat and it’s no fun feeling like I can’t breathe when it’s super humid outside. On the plus side, there’s swimming in the summer though! But you mostly have to be outside for that! LOL Anyway, let’s curl up with some books… carefully so I don’t hurt my sore toe! LOL

Dirty Desires by [Crystal Kaswell]

Because It's Christmas (Bayview Heights Book 2) by [Kathryn Shay]

Fall for Me (Everhart Brothers Book 1) by [Claudia Burgoa]

Right Under My Nose #1 by [Ali Parker]

Secret to Healing: A Small Town, Opposites Attract Romance (Women of Healing Haven) by [Mellie Callahan]

Acting out of Love: A Steamy Contemporary Romance (Mountain Valley Romance) by [Sydney Campbell]

Love Me True: A Willow Oaks Sweet Romance (A Willow Oaks Novel Book 1) by [Melissa Crosby]

Best Intentions: A Christmas Billionaire Romance (The Best Girls Book 5) by [Tamie Dearen]

A Work in Progress: A New Adult Contemporary Christian Romance Novel (The Faith Series, Book 1) by [Staci Stallings]

A Sugar Creek Christmas: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (A Sugar Creek Novel Book 1) by [Jenny B. Jones]

Claiming Haley: An Accidental Pregnancy, Fake Relationship Romance (Babies and Brides, Book 1) by [Sophia Sinclair]

Shattered Love : A Billionaire Romance (Forever Us Book 1) by [Bianca Borell]

Small Town Southern Romance Series Starters by [Kait Nolan]

A Bird in the Oven (Hectic Holidays Book 1) by [Kata Čuić]

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